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Sketchfab is one of the biggest online 3D platforms. Sketchfab enables users to show off 3D models online or mobile and share and embed them as if they were youtube videos. Check it out!

The challenge

While people are getting used to 3D more and more each day, dealing with 3D models is still hard. 3D models are very technical and many different fileformats exist. Exporting 3D models is also prone to many errors. Sketchfab acknowledged this offered so-called exporters early on. An exporter allows a user to publish a 3D model right from within his 3D authoring software. The exporter hides all tedious tasks and offers a one-click-workflow to get a 3D model online. In effect this makes the platform more accessible and attracts more active users. Check out all of their exporters here.

The main script interface
The main script interface


I’ve built the 3ds Max exporter for Sketchfab. This exporter has been in use for years now and recently I’ve updated it. It now optionally lightbakes the 3D model before exporting it. Lightbaking adds beautiful lighting to 3D models and bakes it into the textures. At the same time I’ve written extensive user documentation and made a how-to video. All in all this makes it easier for users to publish great looking 3D models without much effort. At the same time it increases the overall quality of the content on Sketchfab thus making the platform even more attractive. Win-win.

Connecting you

3D models are being used in apps and websites more and more. Do you want to make it easy for your users or yourself to publish 3D content? I’ve got ample experience in this field, drop me a lineand I’ll be glad to help.

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