Developing rendersettings script

currently i’m developing a script in 3dsMax 2008 to store rendersettings. At the moment it’s just for the renderer Vray, but it will be compatible with other renderengines.

Renderitis UI
Renderitis UI

Manage rendersettings

It’s always been a pain to manage rendersettings. In max it’s possible to store so-called presets, but these are very crude. You either get all settings or none. There’s no way to just get the settings concerning the indirect lighting, or just the settings on speed/memory. With this script I’ll try to avoid this problem by creating access to all rendersettings, grouping them in logical units and displaying them in an interface. “What’s the difference with the normal rendersettings interface?” I hear you say. Well, my settings are stored in an xml and can be edited, duplicated, applied, stored and what not. So in the end the script will feature a list of groups. Each group holds a complete set of rendersettings. For example: high-quality, quick animation preview, cartoon. Within the groups you can view and edit the rendersettings directly or apply them.


I’d like to keep the idea of rollouts, this will keep the settings recognizable. So each group has a full set of rollouts. Rendersettings can be applied individually, per rollout or as a complete group.
Future features might include: comparing settings, a settings playground where settings and example images with rendertimes are stored to find the optimal settings.

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