DPI digital 3d model

Online 3d model of Rotterdam

Last month I’ve delivered a 3d online model of a large development area in Rotterdam (link) at DPI. We’ve developed the first architectural 3d online model in flash. This means it’s very accessible. There’s no need to install extra plugins, since almost everybody already has flash. Of course such a model needs to be very light and efficient to run on browsers online.

DPI digital 3d model
The overview of the area

The 3d model is an easy way to navigate the area. Every building or design that participates in the development has its own portfolio page where the building is described with a nice coverflow with images and animations. It’s very easy to navigate the area by rotating and zooming the 3d model. This also makes it easier for the several developers and the city to work together to present themselves. Imagine a list of buildings on a site, where the most important building has to be at the top of the list. They could never agree which one’s most important! By using a 3d model of the area, every building is represented by its real-life counterpart.


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